The blink of an eye…

27 Nov

If you spend any time with me at all, you will shortly find that I seriosuly over use colloquialisms, stereotypes, and I’m all about clichés.  Mostly because I am not that bright, and those tools of language are a shortcut to deeper meaning (or so I hope).

Time has been on my mind a lot lately.  I suppose it is a typical mid-life thing–what with all the crises seemingly brought on by a time-running-short sort of panic.  But I’m actually enjoying each facet from which I consider this awareness of time.  Becoming empty-nesters, parents moving away in retirement, and sadly parents becoming not just old, but elderly and even sick have given me pause at different points throughout my busy days.  

It has taken me nearly three years to feel that pang of emptiness that comes with children growing up and leaving home.  I am deeply grateful for the pass on immediate heartache, and find that I have been able to ease into the sadness that missing one’s  children creates.  Had I been thrown in head first, as happens to many a mama, I doubt it would have been a good thing at all.  So yet again, my Father in heaven cares for me, giving me just what He and I together can handle.

And now, I find that I am easing into the final days of my mother’s life.  It is genuinely heartbreaking and at the same time, it seems very normal.  My family of origin is no stranger to deep hurt and sadness, yet losing the woman who is our glue, somehow seems ok.  She has made it that way for us, continuing even in this to “make things pleasant.”

So much yet to digest.  Here’s hoping I take advantage of this venue and continue to gather some thoughts as we go.


Sounds just lovely! Enjoy Anne Week 😊

26 Apr

Hello world!

11 May

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